Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This just in on the ward...

schnitzel with your tea?
i guess it's all the same to me
but putting ketchup in your chrain
not to judge, i'll make it plain:
that's just disgusting. now what's wrong with you?
you go too far for a homely jew
draw a line in the sand
put you down, take a stand
won't let your nasty eating habits mess with who i am
i mean just look at what you're doing
please examine what you're chewing
this is not a time for lemon drops
in chulent mixed with tater tots
i just don't do that, if you know what i mean
don't go into bars just to make a scene
that's not what it's about, just eat the damn food
it's this kind of behaviour that people call rude
ima give a shout out for all those people at the table
who just sit there and ignore abominations cause they're able
but you're kidding me right? this had better be a joke
you're gonna tell me that it's quiche when i can see that it's eggyoke?
make the world a better place
learn some manners, show some taste
there's a limit to accounting
you just blew right off the mounting
and this thing is gonna go off in your face

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Great Celebration and Feast, Too

I do Hearby post in Honor of the New Year. And Black History Month.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Then again...

the best days of my life were in september. the best day of my life was the last Tuesday of succos break. wonder if i'll ever see a day like that again... not looking like it so far... the best days of my life just might've passed me by.

Friday, September 21, 2007

These Things

These are the best freakin days of my life. Woot! Thanks God.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Avatar... again

Hello from Israel! and to celebrate this place's awesomeness, i have found a new avatar. go IDF!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Departed

well, i seem to have recovered from the hideous blue funk, though for how long I can't say. maybe I just needed a little hope, a little direction, something to work towards. i'm not even sure i have that now, but i feel kinda like i do. ah vell.

on another note, i decided that ima try using this little scanner thing we have attached to our computer. if i figure out how to use it, i can put up some art and cartoons i drew during the school year. on my notes. in essentially every class. its some not bad stuff, so i'll see about that.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mental barf (or freewrite)

It's an unfamiliar feeling, hitting, going into me,
I'm reeling,
knocked off balance by what I didn't expect to be
and I knew I would and knew I wouldn't.
Well, I think looking back that I probably shouldn't
have tried to pull off all the things that I did;
Not that it wasn't worth while, but what happened to that kid
who used to give a damn about simple rank and authority
and followed the rules just to respect seniority;
My friend said I'm a rebel, always fighting the establishment,
I told him he was wrong, I couldn't ask a girl out for refreshments
so he offered to take the hit, and I let him
and when he backed out too, I laughed at him and bet him
that we'd never find our way to make a way out on our own
when we wouldn't break the rules even so far away from home.
But the truth I couldn't tell him, because I couldn't
part of me thinks, I wouldn't
put it into words that he could understand
that he wouldn't misinterpret, wouldn't sink into the sand
I stood on as they kept on walking, and slowly passed us by
but I knew the rules didn't matter to me, I held back just cuz I
couldn't take the pressure, was a coward from the start
but these things I do get over, and when the fear leaves my heart
there's nothing there to replace it, I can't turn around and face it
making real for a second what I know I would've done
talking doesn't bother me but honest to God I'm seventeen
locked up in my house all day with this city chaining me
I know in other places there are outlets for these things
other people test the edges so they won't go out and fling
but I'm here, still unclear,
because what bothers me far more
is not that I'd do wrong given the choice
I trust myself and what I stand for
but when they lock me in, steal my voice
I don't hold myself back, but instead declare war
what I didn't want before I come to ruthlessly pursue
as it takes on more importance than it could naturally acrue
but then the facts are waiting for me
like a sledgehammer to the face
and I know the opportunity I'll miss if I should wait
so what's left in this, a character flaw?
I don't think, as such, I buy it
but when pressured to prove myself to myself, I wonder...
should I try it?
seriously if you're PT don't even bother to try answering that in a comment. please.